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Who We Are

Classic music VR contents provider

The Studio VR family is made up of classical music lovers who believe in the future of a new visual platform, also known as VR.

We have the ability to go beyond the limitations of space and time to make imagination a reality and to show it in front of us. We’re making classical music easier and more fun with experiences, not just appreciation.

We are always doing our best to bring happiness and emotion to people all over the world with our passion, creativity and technology.

Studio VR

Charles Park

Date of establishment
18-Feb 2018

Business area
VR contents production

202Dong 1509Ho,18, Bucheon-ro 198beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea


2019. 06. 25
Participated in China's Qingdao S.I.I. Worldwide (Korea's Representative VR Company)
2019. 04. 11
Selected as an excellent VR Company to represent Korea in the Chongqing Korea-China Content Forum (organized by KOCCA)
2019. 03. 26
Awarded start-up support as excellent start-up company (Korea SMEs and Startups Agency)
2018. 12. 31
Awarded Media Tag Contents Development Project (order placed by Gyeonggi Contents Agency)
2018. 12. 20
2018. 12. 08
Concluded MOU with S.I.Y (USA) to develop high quality VR HMD
2018. 12. 07
Participated in the New York VR Promising Enterprise & Investment Conference (hosted by Gyeonggi Content Agency)
2018. 11. 01
Moved head office to New Contents Center (Korea Creative Content Agency, KOCCA)
2018. 02. 17
Founding of Studio VR